On Top of NYC

Outside of visiting museums I don’t usually do incredibly touristy things around NYC, but when a friend comes to visit it’s the perfect excuse to do all the touristy things you feel too cool to do otherwise. This past weekend my friend Chloe (shown in the picture above!) and I wandered around NYC doing a few of my favorites things (brunch, Hudson River Park, etc), but the most incredible event of the weekend was our visit to the Top of The Rock. 
I’ve always thought NYC is beautiful, but I’ve never seen anything as incredible as the entire city skyline. It’s hard to tell from these pictures, but from where we were (51st st) you could see miles past the Statue of Liberty, even with cloudy skies. If it weren’t for the 30 degree temperatures we could have spent hours on the rooftop, especially since I went up with the goal of locating NYU which was pretty impossible. 
I wasn’t really expecting to get anything other than some really beautiful pictures out of the experience, but I have to say being up there definitely reminded me of how big NYC is and how little I’ve really seen of it. It can be easy to get caught up in the bubble of Manhattan, or even of just downtown, but there is so much of this city I’ve yet to see and I’ve definitely been re-inspired to explore. 
Whether you’re a NYC native, transplant, or just a visitor I highly suggest a visit to the Top of the Rock. If you can, try going up early enough to see the city during the day, but late enough to watch it start to get dark. I was definitely sad we didn’t see the city lit up at twilight when I went this past weekend. 
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