Off To Chile!

It’s pretty hard to believe that I’ll be spending spring break in Chile this year. I’ll be spending the week there with over two hundred students from my school as part of a class I’m taking this semester and it’s honestly going to be crazy. We will be touring a Chilean company we’re studying, taking tours of the city, and soaking up the summer-like weather!

 I’m also in the process of planning tours of a few wineries and hopefully a hike in the Andes. Basically, I want to pack in as much as possible into the four days that I have! Chile is a country that I honestly know nothing about, so getting to spend time there and then come back and work on a project about the country is going to be amazing. I’m hoping that the spanish I learned during my time abroad in Spain will kick back in so that I can navigate the city and meet some local people.

Unfortunately, since my midterms didn’t finish until Friday I’ve had no time to schedule extra content for this week. I’m going to try to have a post up Wednesday, but if that doesn’t happen keep checking instagram for plenty of updates. There will be plenty of recaps and probably even more #latergrams once I get back to US soil.

For the rest of you on spring break this week – have so much fun and remember that you deserve a stress free break from all things school. 

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