NYC Guide Part One

I’ve heard from a lot of you that you love when I share parts of my life in New York.
While I’m not living in the city this summer I thought I would share a few of my old and new favorite spots. First on the list are a few of the places I visited this past weekend. I always make a point to try new places since there will always be somewhere that looks good that I haven’t tried yet, but then there are the few spots I always have to go back to. 
This is a new favorite of mine! After getting caught in a rainstorm in the West Village (and a recommendation from Amy Stone) my friend and I ran into the adorable coffee spot. The staff were seriously the sweetest and the blue/green hues throughout were beautiful. We both ordered Aussie Iced Coffees and sucked them down in no time. If you’ve never had an Aussie iced coffee, it is chilled espresso topped with ice cream, and man is it good. 
Chobani is an old favorite of mine and anytime I’m shopping in SoHo I stop by. If you are a greek yogurt lover you will be just as obsessed with this spot as I am. I love to get the Mango Avocado dish and sit by the window to people watch. While you inhale your yogurt you’ll also add at least a dozen things to your must-buy list. 
I love brunch and I love trying new brunch places, but I might just have to keep going back to Hotel Chantelle. This is the perfect summer brunch spot on the roof of a LES building. Make sure to bring sunglasses. I ordered the lobster eggs benedict which were delicious, but the real star of the meal was the truffle oil tater tots. My friend and I couldn’t stop eating them, even after we were beyond full. The perfect backdrop to our catching up and eating was the jazz band playing by the bar. 
Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream
I have a serious ice cream problem that I have no plans to work on, especially now that I’ve found Morgenstern’s. Not only is it so cute inside with the cobalt blue and white theme, but there are delicious unique ice cream flavors and sundaes. I’ve heard incredible things about their banana split, but since it was pretty busy when I stopped by I ended up getting a cone with raspberry currant and mango sorbet (which I quickly inhaled). I’m telling you all you must must must go here and please try the banana split for me!

I’m thinking about sharing a few more posts of my favorite spots in New York and I would love to know what types of things you all want to know more about. You can check out more of my New York City posts under the Life in NYC tab at the top of the page.

Hope you have a happy Monday!

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