The Clothing Subscription Every 20-Something Needs

My #notsponsored review of the $88 per month clothing subscription that will keep you looking trendy while staying on budget!

In case you didn’t already know…. I LOVE getting new clothes 😂

However, being 24 in NYC with a small budget and closet means I need to be selective about what I bring home. As of late I’ve been trying to be especially good about shopping so I can spend the money on other things like travel and going out with friends (oh yeah and saving lol).

All of this leading up to saying that I found the service that is PERFECT for all of us 20-somethings trying to balance looking great while not spending too much money – Nuuly.

What is Nuuly?

Nuuly is a clothing rental service that allows you to rent 6 pieces per month for $88. The service was started by the URBN Group which owns Anthropologie, Free People, and Urban Outfitters. AKA some of my favorite palces to shop. This means that the subscription allows you to rent a ton of brand new pieces from these brands as well as pieces from a number of other designers (Agolde, Moon River, JOA, and more).

At the beginning of each month you select your 6 pieces and they arrive a couple days later. The pieces are shipped in a reusable canvas box – yay for eco friendly! Plus, on your first shipment they include a cute tote that fits the box perfectly to it super easy to drop off at UPS at the end of the month!


(PS my jacket and skirt in this post are both from Nuuly, but linking to wear you can buy in case you don’t subscribe!)

Why I Love It?

The reason I constantly sing Nuuly’s praises is because it really is the perfect subscription for the EVERYDAY GIRL.

Nuuly has the perfect mix of accessible everyday pieces such as Levi’s jeans, cult favorite Free People Sweaters, and go-with-everything dresses. Some of my favorite pieces I’ve rented so far are a flowy floral blouse, black denim jacket, cashmere cardigan, and cinched floral dress. In addition they do have some trendier and fancier pieces that you could rent for weddings or special events! For me this is the perfect mix, since day to day for work I like to have easy casual pieces that I can mix and match. Plus, if you have a stricter work dress code they have tons of pieces that fall within ‘business casual’.

One thing I also LOVE about Nuuly is their inclusivity with both petite and plus size pieces!

At $88 / month Nuuly is well within my spending budget! Outside of the service I’ve really only been buying needed essentials (boots to replace a worn out pair, updated jeans for fall, etc). I’ve also worn some of the items I’ve really loved easily 5-6 times during the month so the cost per wear is pretty good!

I did Rent The Runway Unlimited for a while and while I stand by the review I wrote back in 2018 as it is a great service. However, I do think that for the typical 20-something the price level is too high and the pieces are too designer/trendy for daily wear.

What They Could Work On

My only complaint about Nuuly is to call out that your 6 pieces per month are your 6 pieces. If something doesn’t fit you’re out of luck since there isn’t any ability to switch out items. I’d love if they allowed an option to do one size switch a month in case something doesn’t fit the way you thought!

However, Nuuly does good job letting you know if pieces run true to size or not. I’ve noticed a lot more user reviews and pictures for the pieces which is super helpful!

My fix for this issue is to avoid pieces that I have a hard time with sizing for, such as jumpsuits.

Photos by Kate McReynolds

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