The 3 Things I Bought From #NSALE

The Nordstrom Sale may be one of the best sales of the year, but that doesn’t mean you need to go blow your entire paycheck on your order. Keep reading for my top picks!

Happy Friday everyone! I know it’s been a long time coming, but the first day of public access to the Nordstrom Sale is finally here! One of my favorite times of year is the Nordstrom Sale, because as much as I get sick of the million blog and Instagram posts promoting the sale it really is a good deal. The sale is the best time to buy pieces you KNOW you’ll wear this fall, because the reality is if you don’t purchase them now you’ll just be buying later at full price.

I’ve made mistakes in past years and bought way too many things that I don’t actually need and then come fall I never end up wearing them. This year, especially as I’m trying to cut down on my clothing spend, I limited myself to just a few items that would really be those wardrobe workhouses. I’ve split my favorite categories below!


Denim is a major staple in my wardrobe for about 10 months of the year and at this point I know what I like – high waisted skinny jeans for a classic look and a crop flare pair if I’m trying to have some fun! This year I purchased THESE classic skinnies as a replacement to another pair that finally wore out. They sadly haven’t come back in stock yet, but keep watching because they often do. I’ve tried a lot of Nordstrom denim brands over the years and my favorite are STS Blue and Caslon. I’ve linked to a few of my favorite pairs under $100 below!


Similarly to denim, I find shoes to be a pretty reliable purchase from the #NSALE because I usually actually need a few pairs to replace worn out pairs (NYC kills your shoes guys!) and am pretty confident about what I like when it comes to shoes. I brought home these Leopard Print Loafers and these White Mules this year! The loafers will be perfect for fall, especially since they can be dressed down with casual denim or dressed up for work meetings. The mules were a bit more of a fun purchase, but the white color is surprisingly versatile and has been the perfect addition to my summer work wardrobe. Whether you need new fall booties, classic flats, or over the knee boots there are honestly so many classic great choices!


Jackets can be a trickier category, and this year I haven’t yet pulled the plug on any new jackets yet. However, I do have my on a few such as this Pendleton Raincoat (I haven’t had a raincoat in years oops) and this splurge worthy Barbour jacket. If you’re really in need of a new coat or there’s been an investment jacket you’ve been thinking about then this sale is the time to buy! Otherwise you’ll be waiting until the fall is over when it’s time to replace your jacket with a true winter parka. To be totally honest, I wasn’t in love with this year’s coat collection, but there were will a few that really caught my eye!

PS My biggest tip for shopping the sale today is to make sure you filter by size! Sadly a lot of items are sold out right now in multiple sizes, so this will make sure you won’t fall in love with something you can’t get!

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