6 Steps for New Year Organization

So we’re two weeks in to 2018 – How’s everyone doing on their resolutions? So far I’ve been off to a decent start between not blow drying my hair at all and setting a 6:30AM alarm to get my morning started early. On top of resolutions though, the start of a new year is a time to get your life back on track after the holidays and for me that means organization organization organization. You can tell my life is a mess when there’s clothes everywhere, old yogurts in the fridge (ew), and about a million screenshots sitting on my desktop (anyone else like that?) – so there are a few major steps I always go through at the start of a new year!


1. Spend an evening taking stock of everything in your apartment

Come home, pour a glass of wine, and take a couple hours to go through your belongings and take stock of what you use and what you don’t. I know it can seem daunting, but donating old clothing, tossing beauty products that have never been touched, and even sorting through your junk drawer will feel amazing when it’s done.

2. Clean out your fridge

After holiday travel, New Years madness, and finally the first week back at work it’s understandable if you haven’t lit your stove in weeks. That being said, the first step in getting back into a healthy routine (for me) is cleaning out my fridge for a fresh start. Check for expiration dates and toss condiments that you used one and never reached for again. Then take everything out and wipe it down (my Mom is probably dying reading this) and finally head to the grocery store while you’re still on your cleaning high to buy meal prep essentials.

3. Restock on home essentials

Now that you’ve basically thrown out everything you own (exaggerating duh I can’t actually get rid of that many things) it’s time to restock on the items you actually use. Head to your Prime account and stock up on all the random things you’re always running out of like paper towels, dry shampoo, and razor heads. Plus, if you’re like me now is the time to buy new sheets, towels, and all the other home items you’ve been procrastinating updating!


4. Clean up your desktop

Anyone else feel like your desktop is all organized and perfect one day and the next it’s like a tornado came through and threw screenshots and random files everywhere? or is that just me? Really though, don’t let your desktop say a mess and instead look through everything that isn’t filed to see if it’s important (then file it) or just junk!

5. Organize your inbox

Even if you have an amazing organization system for your inbox we all get a lax sometimes, especially around the holidays. Don’t let your holiday laziness catch up with you and instead go through the last month or so of emails (or at least emails from important contacts) and mark them with the correct labels so they don’t get lost in searchless void of the internet.

6. Set up a review with your manager

I’ve been feeling super inspired lately on the career front lately – new year new goals ya know? But one thing that will majorly help start the year off right is connecting with your manager to see where your excelling and what needs work! Then you can start making plans for the next few months to achieve those goals! If you’re still in school or working on personal projects (like blogging đŸ˜€) try taking time to right a self review or even just pay extra attention over a few days and take note of things that need your focus this year!

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