My Go-To Spring Outfit

You all probably know by now what my go-to winter outfit consists of – the basic jeans and sweater combo – but I’ve only recently realized that this t-shirt dress is my spring version of this. Now that the weather has started to warm up all I’ve wanted to do is wear skirts and dresses (even if my legs do glow like a vampire). However, putting together an outfit with a cute skirt is about ten thousand times harder than the jeans and sweater combo, so a tshirt dress has become the best alternative. At 7am when I’m staring at my closet thinking about how much I hate all my clothes, this quickly becomes my favorite piece. 
Finding the right tshirt dress is definitely a process. Between the material, the cut, and the hang of the dress there are a lot of factors that can make you hate or love one. So, once I found this dress with thick material and a scrunched waist I knew it was a keeper. Plus, for slightly chillier spring days you can layer pieces on top and still go sans pants! 

SHOP THE POST: Zara jacket // Old Navy sweater // Banana Republic dress // Aldo flats (on sale version) // Madewell sunglasses // Essie meet me at sunset nail polish
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