Memories Captured on Instagram

1: Finish line of the Walk for Hunger! Twenty miles in six and a half hours and we were all starving. 
2: More bracelets being sold to buy uniforms for children in Kenya so they can go to school. My friends at work were happy to rock the bracelets for Instagram. 
3: Crossing over the Sagamore Bridge driving down to the Cape. 
4: Some of my best friends and I unintentionally coordinating. 
1: What has become the usual arm party as Sumer has begun. 
2: Countdown for Seniors and possibly rubbing it everyone else’s faces. 
3: Remembering all who have served our country on Memorial Day. 
4: What procrastination looks like on a sunny afternoon. Harper’s Bazaar and an Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbucks!

This spring has gone by faster than I thought it possibly could have and at the same time I have done so much in the last few months that it feels like the year has gone on forever. May in particular has gone by in the blink of the eye. Since I’ve been running around so much my phone has become my go to device for taking pictures and ensuring that all these memories are captured. 

I can’t believe it was now a month ago I was doing the Walk for Hunger in Boston and now school is about to end. I’m sure the next few weeks will feel exactly the same with classes ending, Senior week, and Graduation all happening so quickly!

~ Caroline
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