May 20 Under $20

column two: flats, bracelet, scarf, dress
column three: bikini, iphone case

Happy Friday! and Happy May! Even though I am a few days late I have my usual monthly 20 under $20 post for you. I know at the beginning of April I said March flew by, but seriously April went so quickly. I can’t believe temperatures are in the 70s and school ends in a month!

With my senioritis comes all thoughts about summer so I’ve been searching for summer must-haves for a while. Of course there are always the usual suspects (bathing suit, sunglasses, dresses) but there are also a few new things I want for summer this year. One of my favorite trends right now are the friendship bracelet style bracelets. Think those rope friendship bracelets everyone used to pile on their arms (which I actually hated…) and then add a little bling! These bracelets scream summer and unlike the usual friendship bracelets you can take them off. Bauble Bar and Nordstrom have great high quality options. 

I won’t be doing a lot of traveling this summer but I always like to stock up on travel essentials for short trips. One of my favorite tricks is using a make up bag (like the one in column five) at the beach or on vacation to store my essentials. I put my phone, lip gloss, keys in the little bag and then throw it inside a bigger tote. 

Hope you like a few of my May finds. Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline
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