Maman NYC

As per my goal to try out new places every week while in New York I decided to head down to Nolita (on the line of SoHo) to check out Maman. My roommate lived just down the street from the adorable (newish) bakery last summer and had been raving about it for months, so it was time I finally went. 
As far as NYC bakeries go, this is probably one of the cutest. The french bakery has a whimsical homey vibe with bunny figurines and cook books scattered around. When my friend and I arrived Sunday morning the bakery was pretty empty (NYC likes to sleep in) and we easily found seats to enjoy our coffee and quiche. If you’re looking for somewhere in SoHo to get a great pastry where you can also get some work done, Maman is your spot. With big tables and wifi you can get plenty of work done without being cooped up in a depressing library. The best part of Maman is, even with freezing temperatures and horrible snow outside it felt like spring had arrived and my friend and mine’s moods were instantly lifted. 
Of course I have to mention the cups. Aren’t they adorable? If I lived around Maman I’d be there all the time just for the cups. They make your typical cup of morning coffee feel extra special. Plus, they source the coffee from Toby’s Estate in Brooklyn, so your latte will be one of the best in the city. 
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