Magical City

Washington Square Park
San Gennaro Festival in Little Italy
Zara Jeans
Topshop(Peplum!) shirt
Gap Jacket
Aldo shoes
I’ve been to six different countries and countless cities throughout my life, but there is honestly no city like New York. There is something about New York that makes walking through hoards of people and smelling car exhaust all the time seem magical. My mom had never understood why I love New York so much and tells me it isn’t that great, but I can never get enough. Even though I’ve been to New York many times in my life it’s never any less amazing or alluring. 
Last weekend I went to New York to see a few colleges, explore a few new neighborhoods, and do some much needed shopping. I went to SoHo and Greenwich Village for the first time and fell in love. I also went to Topshop as well as a few other little places that I can’t get around Boston. I can’t wait until I go back to New York, but for now I’ll just have to look through my pictures over and over again! 
~ Caroline
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