Saturday in New York

While I’ll never complain about fall, I have to say that this season has been a bit of a disappointing one. If you’re from the Northeast you know that it’s been in the 70s and was starting to feel like the leaves had forgotten to change colors. Well, that was all until this past Saturday when it truly felt like fall descended upon the city. I got to pull out one of favorite peacoats and roam through Central Park with friends who couldn’t stop remarking on how perfect the weather was. One friend (looking at you Meg) even said she was going to start a NYC tree Instagram because the foliage was just so gorgeous. So while fall might be coming about a month late, it’s starting to redeem itself in my eyes.

If you watch my Instagram Stories you’ll know that I recently purchased these jeans only to become obsessed with them! The four button waist and frayed edges look just like my favorite pair of Madwell jeans but at a way more affordable price. They’re also the type of jeans with just enough stretch to be comfortable but not so much that they lose their shape, you know what I mean? Not going to lie, they arrived on Friday and I’ve already worn them three times (🙈) and their shape is still going strong! My biggest piece of advice with these jeans – definitely don’t buy them full price! I got them at 50% off and am certain there is another sale around the corner. Edit: Of course I wrote this and then woke up to a 40% off sale using the code HAPPY. So now is the time to shop!

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