Living The Dream

So, to be honest, life as been a little  bit of a mess lately.

 During my trip to Valencia last weekend I somehow ended up screwing my knee. I returned home Sunday and spent the next 24 hours studying for my last midterm Tuesday morning. Then Wednesday morning a bunch of my friends arrived in Madrid for their Fall Break, and as you can imagine I was incredibly excited to see them. So, of course, through all this business and excitement I just kept going (while on a lot of Advil). Well, as most bad choices do, it all ended badly Thursday night. There were a lot of tears, a huge ice pack, and luckily some amazing friends, and I was definitely past my limit. 
After being convinced by my friends I went to the doctor on Friday to get my knee checked out. Luckily, it seems it’s nothing that actual rest and some TLC can’t take care of, but I was told to stay off my feet as much as possible for the next week. This sadly meant there was no Halloween fun for me Friday night, instead I spent the night eating candy and finishing a book I’ve been reading for far too long. 
Now, this leads me to the last messy part of the week, our wifi.  One top of the busyness of class and friends and a hurting knee my apartment wifi has decided to stop working and all I wanted to do Friday night was watch the new Scandal episode. I’ve been attempting to take advantage wifi everywhere I’ve gone since being abroad means I rely on wifi for everything (no data plan for me), but it still means I’m behind on everything I need to do using internet (which is basically everything). 
So, all in all this week has been a disaster of some sorts. I’m actually writing this post while sitting on the sidewalk outside my school building (which is closed for the weekend), because it is the closest place with wifi (and I’m not supposed to be walking anywhere…). As I walked here I was just insanely pissed about everything that’s going on, but somehow the act of just sitting and writing makes the problems of this week go away. It reminds me that I actually had an amazing time exploring Valencia, that Wednesday night with my friends was perfect, and that instead of being holed up in my apartment on a beautiful day I’m being forced to sit outside to get work done. So yeah, life is hard and I’m really busy, but instead of just thinking “god I have so much to do” I’m forcing myself to remember that everyday I really am living my dream. 
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