Let’s Talk Leather

All images from my Style Saint account
I used to have an extreme aversion to leather. As a self proclaimed girly girl, who wore nothing but skirts and Mary Janes as a child, leather just seemed to harsh. I didn’t think leather would fit into my wardrobe of lace and soft textures.

 However, the whole fashion world has seemed obsessed with leather as of late. Whether it’s leather pants, leather jackets, or leather accessories everyone seems to be sporting it. Even the girliest of girls have found ways to incorporate some leather into their closets.
 So not all that surprisingly I’ve been drawn more and more to leather lately. I don’t think I’ll be rocking leather pants any time soon (though I have thought about trying on a pair), but little accents of leather may start to show up in my wardrobe. I love leather arms on military jackets especially, and have begun to hunt for a reasonably priced jacket! 
~ Caroline 
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