Lately: September ’19

I’ve been feeling a little detached from the ‘blogging’ world as of late and I think a lot of that feeling has come from over complicating things. Trying to decide what I can or can’t post, what is ‘original’ enough, what will people want to read, etc. It all just led to not posting at all…

BUT I miss my little space on the internet, so I’m back and this fall I really want to try to get back to some of the things that made me love blogging in the first place. I took a look back at some of my first blog posts (think pinterest inspo & collaged outfits) and remembered how much fun and how inspiring it felt creating those posts back then. While a lot has changed since 2012 I want to get back to some of those basics of blogging I loved so much.

A new season (especially fall) always seems like the best time to start fresh, so I’ve decided to dive in. Today I’m introducing what will hopefully be a new monthly posting focused on what’s inspiring me at the start of each month with a few personal updates as well! Hope you enjoy xx

When & Wear September Inspiration imagery


…This summer was a good travel one that I’m very grateful for, but after July & August it feels like I haven’t spent nearly enough time enjoying NYC. This month I’m excited to hunker down and really fall in love with this city again. Saturday afternoons lounging in Central Park and mornings exploring Brooklyn Heights is exactly what I need right now.


…Speaking of hunkering down, it’s time to really make our new apartment feel like home. It’s been 3 months since we moved in and I really want to finish adding details to both my bedroom and our living room. I’ve shared small updates like this picture, but the apartment still feels mostly undone.

Projects to tackle this month are the dining nook & hanging art in my living room and bedroom. I found this perfect table on Facebook Marketplace for cheap, but now need to find chairs to finish it off and art to really pull the space together! Warm tones and layering patterns and textures is basically the goal to make the space feel homey and I’ve been pinning to this board non stop with ideas.


…I had been feeling uninspired home cooking wise for a while until I recently started using Home Chef a few weeks back. While it’s a bit pricey for my budget it has completely changed my mentality for weeknight cooking and meal prep (going to do a whole post about it soon!). So now I’m feeling re inspired to dive into the world of delicious dinners starting with ALL the cosy meals for fall.

My goal for September is to cook at least 2 ‘real’ (aka require some kind of recipe) meals per week! First up on my recipe to-do list is this Parmesan White Bean Stew With Spicy Greens followed by this Zucchini and Parsnip Carbonara.


…Who doesn’t feel inspired by Fall fashion? As the weather finally cools down I feel like you can hit a reset, leave behind the trendy pieces of summer, and really think about your wardrobe ‘classics’. While it will be interesting to se street style from NYFW this coming week it seems that more feminine & romantic pieces are coming back in style which I couldn’t be more excited for.

My wishlist items include feminine pleats, classic ballet flats, dark florals, and (practical) silk scarves. Pulling out some of my old pieces might just be as fun as the new ones though… I’m so ready for my bi annual closet switchover to pull out some of my fall favorites like my plaid blazer, chunky sweaters, my most worn in booties (they’re going on year 4), and these suede knee high boots that were my favorite purchase from last fall.

xx thanks for reading & for your support!

image credits: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 – All saved on my Pinterest page!

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