Lately: May ’21

I can’t believe it’s June you guys! I started writing this post maybe a week and a half go with some life updates and then, well, life got a way from me. May was truly a whirlwind of a month with moving and things opening up again in NYC. It feels normal (?!?!) in the best way possible.

I have so much to share and couldn’t figure out how to summarize all the topics, so thought I thought would be a perfect time to bring my Lately series from 2019-early 2020 back. I consistently have a goal of blogging more and I’m hoping this new chapter in life will give the inspiration I need to dive back in.


…things are amazing is the summary. If you didn’t read my April moving update, the TLDR is my boyfriend and decided to move in together and found an apartment in Williamsburg. The apartment wasn’t my first pick, but in the almost a month since we officially moved in I’ve been over the moon happy with our choice. The apartment itself is actually perfect for our lives and the location is so much more than I could have hoped for. Quaint, convenient, and more than enough coffee shops to keep me happy for quite some time.

…we bought a couch! I know this is somewhat silly, but I’ve NEVER bought a couch before and I was basically a giggly kid when we decided on ‘the one’. Sayyid (the BF), ever the practical one in this relationship, recommended we try looking at outlets and clearance centers for a deal. While I was skeptical, he was right and we found a great couch for less than half what I was expecting we’d need to spend. It’s the perfect situation for an apartment since I won’t freak if we need to move and can’t keep the same couch.

…it’s finally time to think about decorating! I’m trying to take decorating slowly and invest in certain pieces I know we’ll have for a long time. At this point, I don’t think it’s wroth investing in expensive furniture since we’ll likely be moving again and need different things, but I do want to thoughtfully pick accessories and smaller pieces. And while I love a target home haul I’m really going to try to buy most decor from smaller shops and maybe even try to thrift some pieces.


…we’re air fryer obsessed. I know I’m super late to this, but we got an air fryer and I love it! Our first real meal in it was crab cakes and I was seriously impressed. Since then we’ve been using it for everything from frozen chicken fingers to lunchtime salmon.

…the at-home poke bowl has been my favorite meal lately. I’ve been back to Trader Joes’s more often recently and finally had a chance to pick up their ‘Smoked Ahi Tuna’ that I kept seeing on review sites. It is so freakin good and the best way to make easy poke bowl lunches at home. I have been keeping things really simple and just making a bowl with the Tuna, TJs frozen brown rice, cucumers, avocado, and a homemade spicy mayo (ie sriracha & mayo). I think next time it up I’ll try to get some mango or another fruit to add as well.


…things have ben pretty sad lately to be honest. I’ve been trying to not spend money on clothes so I can instead buy home things and pay for moving, sooo my current spring/summer wardrobe is not very exciting. However, I’m headed to Puerto Rico next week so I finally bit the bullet and ordered some fun vacation pieces. A friend of mine bought this summery set that I had to copy for under $40 that arrives today and I just ordered some new sandals to try out. I’ll report back soon!


…things are getting so much better! I love that I can say that! As of a week or so ago NYC is officially open. It’s been weird seeing all the signs saying masks are optional and I even went out to a *real* bar last weekend which I didn’t realize I’d be so excited about! I’m excited to start exploring the city again and going to some new restaurants in our new neighborhood. Two new favorites are Sage (Thai) and Ammazzacaffe (Italian). They’re both in Williamsburg and I honestly haven’t been able to stop talking about them since I went. A couple spots on my list are the new Rosemary’s on the east side (the original is one of my long time faves) and Bernie’s (recently reopened by McCarren park. I also have been actively checking Infatuation for new restaurant openings because NYC is back!!!

That’s all for now! Hoping to share more apartment planning soon as a few more things come together đŸ™‚ Have a great week!

Thanks for reading! xx Caroline

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