Lately From My Phone

{1: Loved this cute sign, but the eighty degree weather made me not love my sweater so much}
{2: The view on my walk back from class never gets old}
{3: Yellow sunsets} 
{4: Cute townhouses in the East Village}
{5: The Motel Life premiere at the Genart Film Festival}
{6: Pretty fall leaves and my favorite nail polish in Washington Sq}
{7: Delicious apple cider doughnuts at Shelburne Farm in Stowe, Ma}
{8: New England woods in the fall}
{9: Perfect fall day in Concord, Ma}
{10: My incredible puppies saying goodbye to me as I head back to school}
{11: Coffee and a view back in the city}
{12: My new fave tea/coffee place and a book makes for a perfect afternoon}
{13: Incredible brunch at Friend of a Farmer complete with pumpkin pancakes and fresh apple cider}
{14: One of the most incredible sunsets I’ve seen from my room}
{15: An adorable Dear New York bag from Zara after a little coat shopping}
{16: Gorgeous view from the Highline in Chelsea}
My instagram has been going a little crazy recently since I finally got a new iPhone. After three years an upgrade was definitely needed. The camera is so much better on my new phone that I’ve been snapping a million pictures everywhere I go. I know I’m instagram obsessed, but really is anyone not these days? 

~ Caroline
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