Lately: April ’20

Happy Sunday everyone 🙂 It’s been a while since a blog post has gone live, but being at home has finally pushed me to try and get creative again. To be honest, I wrote a long post with a lot of feelings about the current state of the world, but after reading it over I realized I didn’t need or want to add another commentary on Covid-19 on top of everything we’re already reading and dealing with. Others have already said what I want to say much more eloquently. So in short I’ll say I hope everyone is staying safe and well and I can’t wait for us to come out the other side.

Now onto what’s been inspiring me lately and of course a few things I’ve been buying!


…Being home so much has really made me want to bring my apartment dreams to life. So while I can’t do a full overhaul, I’ve been inspired by some of my favorite bloggers, Ashley Kane and Harlowe James, to perfect smaller spots in my apartment to bring little bits of cozy and happiness. Ashley Kane actually just did a nighttime tour of her San Francisco apartment that made me realize how much I need to work on my lighting situation.

Even before the stay home orders went in place there were a few things I knew I wanted to work on to make my NYC home feel more like home, so that’s kept me busy this past month or so. My roommates and I got this rug for our living room, seen here. I also finally jumped on these beautiful plates, pasta bowls, and wine glasses while they were on sale. I only got two of each, but I love knowing that I’ll have them for years and can expand my set down the road! They dishes are still on sale if you’re looking to expand your collection!

Lastly, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a small console table to act as as a desk while working from home! It comes in Thursday and I can’t wait to share more of my makeshift workspace once it’s here!


…Anyone else feel like all you’ve been doing dishes lately? It always feels like I’m only done with lunch dishes as it’s time to make dinner!

When it comes to cooking, this month I’ve been getting Hello Fresh to try and have some fun in the kitchen without worrying about going to the grocery store! Some of my favorite dishes have been a Korean Bibimbap, a Buffalo Spiced Chicken, and fish with a jalepeño crema! A lot of meal delivery kits are offering deals right now and I definitely recommend trying out either Hello Fresh or Home Chef (my personal fave meal delivery kit).


…I’ve never been a sweats kind of girl and probably never will be, so this past month has been all about wearing comfy but fun pieces at home. I haven’t been doing a ton of shopping, but I have been keeping up with my Nuuly rental each month. You can read more about Nuuly here. I’ve been doing it for probably 6 months now and I still love it! This past month I had a mix of easy to wear at home tops and dresses that you can see here!

I also caved and bought a few things including this gorgeous skirt which is 50% off right now and this hat that never goes on sale but is currently $10 off making it under $35.


  • Sims is taking up a ton of my free time lately and is only $5 if you’re sick of everything on Netflix.
  • Dying to make this Half Baked Harvest recipe my friend Kate swears by
  • Ashley Kane’s Stay Home playlist has been on repeat (currently playing as I write this!)
  • I joined Tik Tok and have made two videos so far! Of course one of them had to be about Margs 😂 I feel SO old on the platform… anyone feel me?

xx thanks for reading & for your support!

IMAGE CREDITS: Top Left: Ashley Kane, Top Right: My Instagram, Bottom Left: Dreams & Jeans, Bottom Right: Harlowe James

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