Last Days of Winter

It seems that winter is slowly but surely fading into spring. There have been little signs throughout the city – everything from sunnier days to people switching to lighter jackets – and it’s clear that everyone is truly ready for a new season. Honestly, this winter wasn’t that rough when it comes to Northeast winters. Besides that one crazy snowstorm, NYC had very few storms or frigid days. 
Nonetheless, I’m happy to say that I’m about ready to put away the puffy winter coat I always layer under my peacoat. I am also hoping that these pictures will be the last I show you of true winter weather. Over the weekend we hit 60 degrees and I’m crossing my fingers this isn’t just a fluke. 
On Presidents Day I headed over to the Whitney with a friend before the snowflakes started falling. To be honest with you all – I really hate the art at the Whitney. I’m not the biggest fan of modern art anyways, but for some reason I find the Whitney’s exhibits to be even worse. However, as a NYU student I get free entrance, so I wanted to give the museum one more chance. Unfortunately, this visit didn’t change my mind, but I did once again appreciate the beautiful views the museum has to offer. If you’re visiting the city I’d say you’re much better off checking out The Met or the MoMA. 
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