I Actually Bought a Winter Coat

It only took temperatures below 10°F for me to finally suck it up and buy a winter coat and boy I’ve been missing a lot.

I know what you’re all thinking ‘well yeah Caroline you’ll feel a lot warmer with a real coat’ and you’re right, but I’m pretty stubborn and have refused to by one for years. Even though I’ve lived in the Northeast most of my life I honestly can’t tell you the last time I owned a real winter coat because the reality of living in the suburbs was I spent most of the winter running from my car to the warm of heated building. Now that I’m spending my first full winter in New York City I realized it was probably time to suck it up and buy a winter coat.

It took a lot of searching, but I finally settled on this coat after finding it on amazing sale. I truly doubted that J.Crew could make a ‘real’ winter coat that would keep me warm in these insane temperatures, but I’ve been proven wrong and can confidently say I’ll make it through this ridiculous winter with at least one less horrible cold from not dressing correctly. Plus, as someone who has a hard time getting over how ugly winter coats are (I mean we all know it, right?) I love how this coat has some prettier featured like a light pink lining, it’s olive color, and removable fur on the hood.


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