January Favorites

Rounding up my favorite purchases of January from beauty finds to my new cold brew combo.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

I always struggle with chapped lips in the winter and constantly find myself cycling through chapsticks that never work. That is, until a friend of mine suggested the Laneige Sleeping Mask. I use the mask a few times a week and if I feel the slights bit of a chapped lip coming on I apply immediately! While it’s technically a nighttime mask it’s light enough to apply during the day in replacement of your chapstick.

Chameleon Cold Brew + Califia Vanilla Creamer

One of my 2019 goals was to spend more intentionally… and that means cutting out my daily coffee stop before work. While I love a good coffee I don’t need to be spending $4-5 / day on the habit. Instead I’ve been getting Chameleon Cold Brew at work and mixing it with this delicious vanilla creamer. The almond milk is healthier than most creamers and it makes my at work coffee feel like a treat!

Revlon One Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

You may have seen this on my Instagram Stories the other day, but seriously I’m obsessed with my new Revlon hair dryer! I’ve had the same very basic hair dryer for years and recently it started smelling like fire whenever I use it, so it was finally time for a new one. I almost splurged on a Dyson, but after hearing great things about this $60 option I thought it was worth a try. Not only was it worth a try, but it’s given me hope you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to have a great hairdryer! I’m putting together a full review & how-to which will be up this month!

ASOS Premier Shipping

This may be the best $19 I’ve ever spent. I much prefer shopping online than shopping in-store, but I hate waiting for clothes to arrive… anyone else? With ASOS premier shipping you pay a $19 for a year of 2-day shipping on every order! Surprisingly this has helped curb my shopping habit in a weird way. I’ve stopped making impulse purchases in store and I don’t have to hit any threshold to get the free rushed shipping. So, if all I want is a $17 top I don’t have to order anything else with it! These are a few of my favorites right now:

Isle Of Paradise Tanning Drops

This time of year the only thing I think about is how pale my skin looks, but I’ve never found a fake tanning situation that I’ve loved. I got my first spray tan last year and while I had a great experience it isn’t something I would pay for or take the time to do every couple weeks.

When I discovered these Isle of Paradise drops that mix in with your own moisturizer I thought I made have my fix! Unfortunately, they’ve been sold out for weeks so I just got my hands on a bottle! So far I really like the ability to choose how much you want to tan (a few drops is subtle, multiple will be a darker tan) and that I can do it as part of my normal after shower routine!  

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