It’s Always Sweater Weather

Some weeks I can’t wait to sit down and write a blog post and others it’s almost impossible to get myself to write even the first sentence of a post. This week it’s the latter, which is why my first post of the week is going up today.
After having an amazing weekend at home in Massachusetts with my family I had to face the fact that I’d be saying goodbye to my fourteen year old golden retriever Daisy for the last time. Daisy was the dog that surprised us all and out lived every other dog my family has had, even though she came from a crappy backyard breeder and need hip surgery at six months old. She was there through two different moves to new states, through mean middle school girls, and every time I came home from college in need of puppy love – always with a smiling face and wet kiss straight to the face. She was like all good dogs are, a best friend and a part of the family, so saying goodbye was something I never could’ve been ready for and it’s definitely made it a bit hard to get into the normal groove this week.
On a lighter note, I’m excited to share this look with you guys because it’s finally supposed to start feeling like fall again today here in New York, meaning it might actually be time to pull out all those cozy layers! With the weather being so summer-like this past week or so I’ve been having to wear my favorite sweaters in more creative ways, like over a  transitional sundress. It might be 80 degrees, but when there’s a will there’s a way right? In my mind the moment September hits it’s always sweater weather.
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