Instagram Travel Tips from Gracey Wallace

all photos via my instagram // @stripesandpeonies 
Hello! It’s Gracey here from Stripes & Peonies guest posting for Caroline while she’s in Spain! 
Caroline asked me to share some of my instagram tips while you’re traveling today. When I’m traveling my phone/camera is with me 24/7; I’m one of those people who take pictures of everything. I love traveling because its a fresh place to explore and there are so many things to photograph. I personally traveled quite a bit this summer (you can read about my summer travels here) and was instagraming constantly. I’ve rounded up some of my best instagram travel tips for you guys, enjoy! If you enjoy my photos & tips, give me a follow on Instagram
1. Keep your horizons straight:  One of the best photography tips I’ve ever heard is that “you either want your horizon line very straight or very crooked; anything in between just looks sloppy. If you have an iphone, use the built in grid feature to help you line everything up. This is very important when taking landscape shots! 

2. Take multiple shots: When you’re traveling, you might not always have a ton of time to craft the perfect shot. That’s why I always make sure I take multiple shots of something to ensure that I have a sharp image. I can’t tell you the number of times I found a perfect shot and snapped it quickly, but checked later only to find a blurry image. As shown below, the final shot may prove difficult to get. 
3. Think beyond the normal “tourist” shot: I’m not saying don’t instagram a shot of the Eiffel Tower in Paris (because I totally did). What I do want to encourage though is to try to think out of the box and show your followers something different. Maybe show the details instead of a normal landscape shot. This will really let you explore the city/place that you’re traveling to.
 The not so typical shot vs. the touristy photo

4.  C-O-L-O-R: Use lots of color when you’re traveling! The more colorful the photo, the more inclined people are to double tap. I love seeing colorful insta’s…so hunt for color!
5. Keep your camera in square mode: If you keep your camera in the square mode, it makes editing insta shots a lot easier. No cropping to do! The square function makes sure that you get everything you want into the shot. If you leave it in the regular mode, you’ll have to end up cropping it to a square later, so this is a time saver! 
6. Delete pictures/make space before you leave: I am constantly getting the “cannot take picture” notification on my phone because I never have enough storage (#bloggerprobs). There is nothing more frustrating than trying to take a picture while traveling and not being able to and then having to make a quick decision of what to delete. I recommend making sure there is ample space on your phone for all of your travel pics or going through and deleting pictures you don’t need anymore on the flight over! 
Thank you to Caroline for asking me to guest post & keep up with my blog here!

Hey all! Aren’t Gracey’s tips the best? I am obsessed with her instagam and was so excited to see her tips for traveling since I’ll be traveling all this semester. I have a couple more guest posts coming up in the next few weeks while I’m adjusting to living in a new city. Make sure to let me know what you want to see on the blog this fall!

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