My Holiday Wishlist

Now that we’re in full swing for the holiday season I thought instead of just sharing gift guides I’d also share what’s on my wishlist for the season. It’s crazy to see how my wish lists change over the years (check this one out from 2 years ago), but this year the things topping my list are what you might call investment pieces – Everything from a classic bag to a full length mirror and chair to finish off the decor in my room. When it comes to holidays my wish lists generally revolve around brands I’m currently loving so of course this year Sézane and Clare V are topping the list! I’ve been wearing my Clare V bag all the time since I got it last year (see here & here), so I’d love to add another one in a fun navy to my collection!

Other things, like a cable knit sweater and new historical fiction novel are the things I go back to every year because well I love a good read (when I actually make myself sit down and read) and cable knit sweaters should always be part of your wardrobe.


The duffle bag is Lo & Sons

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