HOLIDAY 2015: Giving Thanks

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Thanksgiving is my favorite time of year. I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by family or friends every year around this time, so even when the rest of my life is crazy they remind me to be grateful for everything I have. This year I’ll be spending Thanksgiving with both family and friends sitting around a huge table filled with more food than we could possibly eat and that alone is something we need to step back and remember to be thankful for. 

I haven’t said much in recent weeks addressing the attacks in Paris and Beirut or the shooting around Penn Station that occurred a few weeks ago, and that’s because in a lot of ways this blog is my safe haven. It’s a place where I talk about the best parts of life and leave out the worst or scariest. There seems to be another horrible story on the news every morning, and sometimes you just need a place where you can get away from it all. However, sometimes I need a little reminder that I’m lucky to be able to turn off the news or forget about the horrifying parts of our world for few hours because there are so many people who don’t have that privilege. Too many people wake up every morning hungry or afraid for their safety.  
That being said, I wanted to take today to write down a few of the people and things I’m thankful for this year because I definitely don’t say it as much as I should. 
I am thankful for my amazing family that puts up with my almost daily phone calls as I walk to and from the gym and supports me in my dreams, no matter how ridiculous they may sound sound.

I am thankful for my sister who has always been my rock. She deserves so much credit and thanks for taking my blog pictures since day one, helping me figure out my life, and just making every day better with her hilarious snapchats.

I am thankful for my friends who put up with all my craziness and brighten every day. I really couldn’t live without my incredible roommates, the friends who are constantly making me laugh, and the long distance BFFs who I’m constantly counting the days until I see again. 
I am thankful for my school and communities I’ve made there. I never could have imagined feeling so connected with a school two years ago, but the experiences I’ve had at NYU (and the ones I will have) as well as the friends I’ve made through USWIB and Admissions Ambassadors will always be a part of me. 
I am thankful for my two beautiful puppies, Daisy and Melody, who go crazy every time I am home. Even on my most stressful days a video of them can bring a smile to my face.  
I am thankful for my apartment in NYC that, despite being tiny, is really starting to feel like home. Plus, I am lucky enough to share it with two of my favorite people in the world that make coming home even that much better.
I am especially thankful for everyone who’s read and support Peachy Keen over the last few years. This blog really is my special place and I want to thank everyone who has supported me and pushed me to keep writing. Every like on a Facebook post or comment on a blog post honestly means the world to me. 

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving no matter how you’re celebrating! I’ll be heading to my high school’s football game to watch my sister cheer at her last Thanksgiving day game and then about 20 people will be coming over to my house for dinner. My parents should be considered saints for taking on so many different meals and activities on Thanksgiving (they also cook breakfast for my sister’s entire cheer team). Amongst all the madness going on over at my house tomorrow, I’m going to try to remember to take a moment to be thankful for all the good things in my life this year. 
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