HOLIDAY 2015: Gifts Under $25 For All Your Friends

So here we are with the gift guide I’ve been looking forward to the most this year. Whenever I start planning back to school or holiday blog posts the first place I turn to for requested posts is my friends, and I have to say this post was very requested. 
For all of us college students money is definitely tight, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get both fun and actually high quality gifts for our friends when the holidays arrive. A meaningful gift doesn’t have to break the bank, it just has to be something that you know fits the friend. We all have a friend who’s constantly tweeting #ratherbeonACK or the friend who’s week revolves around wine Wednesdays (or perhaps even Whine About It) and there is a perfect gift for each of them.

Instead of letting all of ya’ll stress as finals creep up and the time to search for gifts disappears I’ve picked out the perfect present for each of your friends below! Plus, the best part is every gift here is under $25, so you can the queen of the holidays without going bankrupt. 
My best tip when it comes to finding affordable yet high quality gifts is shop Etsy and Amazon. Before buying anything I always check to see if Amazon sells it for less, and they usually do. You might think of Etsy as expensive, but there are so many great pieces that can be monogrammed or personalized for under $25!
PS I’ve even added a few more fun items in the widget below, so make sure to scroll through!

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