HOLIDAY 2015: Gifts for Mom & Dad

So, let’s be real, every year the holidays come around and I ask myself the same quesion, what the hell am I going to get my parents? They are always. always. the hardest to shop for because when I ask them what they want for Christmas the response I usually get is something like hugs or your love. And that’s great and all, but when I plan on getting them a real present it’s not exactly helpful to hear ‘hugs’. 
Instead of stressing out as per usual, I started thinking about presents for mom & dad extra early this year. While these two gift guides are somewhat tailored to my parents specifically (love cooking and really love the patriots) the idea is really to find something that they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves. The best gift you can get your parents is something that they secretly want but feel like it’s stupid to blow the money on. So, if you’re in need of help like I usually am, check out my 2015 gift guide for mom & dad!

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