Hello Madrid!

Hey all! I’m so sorry for the lack of posts this week. After finishing midterms yesterday it has been nice to just be able to relax a bit (and watch some Parks and Rec… I’m obsessed). Sometimes tuning out and taking to catch up on all the things, like cleaning my room and organizing school stuff, is just what I need. 
However, I found out some incredible news yesterday. I’m pretty horrible at keeping secrets so not writing about my excitement on Peachy Keen wasn’t possible. I just found out I’ve been accepted for a study abroad program in Madrid for this fall!! I have loved traveling ever since I traveled to Ireland the summer after my freshman year of high school and now I’ll be spending four months in another country. Madrid is an incredible of city and I plan on experiencing it as much as I possibly can during my time there. Improving my spanish skills, seeing the beautiful El Retiro Park, feasting on delicious spanish food, and really just experiencing the culture are all on my wish list. Of course the list goes on with all the other places I want to visit, including Marrakesh, Barcelona, and many different cities in Italy that I’ve been to before. 
I’m sure I’ll be writing about my excitement and preparations in the coming months and I cannot wait to share my experience abroad with all of you!
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