Happy Weekend {Links}


Can we talk about the fact that all I’ve wanted to week is curl up in my bed with hot chocolate and Netflix? This whole polar vortex thing is really not ok with me and I’ve been dreaming of the warmer months ahead. Luckily, it is apparently supposed to be in the fifties this weekend, which is somewhat of a miracle after these single digits. 

The only good thing about the freezing temperatures is that I’ve been doing a lot of reading. I’m currently reading the second book in the Divergent series and I’m obsessed. Seriously, read them if you haven’t already. I’ve also been stalking all my favorite blogs and sites (Who What Wear, Refinery 29, etc) for great articles I missed over the holidays.

Some of my favorites this week have been…

Who What Wear’s key pieces for 2014 (especially the blazer!)

All those Polar Vortex pick up lines, especially these 11

This drapey top from tobi that wold be perfect under a blazer

Liz Schneider’s post on Sequins and Stripes about what is really important is inspiring

Even though it’s been 2014 for over a week now I love this picture of resolutions for the year ahead

Who doesn’t want to dress like a French women? These tips are sure to help us Americans out

I hope you all have a great weekend! I’ll be making the most of the warmer weather (spring come sooner) by taking a hike with my sister and puppies! Spending time with them is definitely the best part of being home on break. 

~ Caroline
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