Happy Weekend!

{image via my tumblr}

Happy weekend everyone! I’m very happy it is Saturday, even if my weekend is filled with homework and work. Yesterday is snowed again in Boston. More than 11 inches fell in my town and even though every town around us closed my school decided to stay open. 

I realized for the first time today how much of a New Englander I have become since moving to Mass almost six years ago. I wore a light vest and flats out of the house as my dad reprimanded my “impractical choices”. I then stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get my iced coffee where an older women told me I needed a warmer jacket. Snow doesn’t scare me. why wear a winter jacket when it is 30 degrees out and snowing? Even if the snow is still covering everywhere I am ready for spring and refuse to wear my winter coat!
Have a good rest of the weekend!

~ Caroline

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