Happy Weekend

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Happy Friday everyone! I have a pretty busy weekend ahead of me since it is my second to last weekend at home before I head of to school. I have a lot of packing and last minute things I need to get done over the next few days, most of which I definitely shouldn’t have left until now. I’m hoping to get to spend a little time outside though since the weather is finally perfect in New England.

In other news I got my hair cut yesterday… and I hate it. You know when you ask your stylist to take 2-3 inches off and it seems like they took more like four inches off? Yeah, that is how I feel right now. The cut is definitely short (something I’ve done before and never liked) and not really what I wanted. However, I’m hoping that I’m just still adjusting and that in the next few days I’ll feel a bit better about the cut. Have any of you ever gotten a really bad haircut? If you have any advice for fixing/helping a horrible haircut please send it my way!

I hope you all have a great weekend! Make the most of these last few summer days.

~ Caroline

p.s. I cannot get over how gorgeous that floral dress is in the picture above! So perfect for summer picnics/concerts/beach days/really any day. 
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