Happy Friday + Links


Happy Friday to you all! I’m really looking forward to a relaxing and fun weekend with friends after spending all of last weekend studying. I also have to comment on the weather… this weekend is actually going to feel like spring. I don’t care if it’s just for a brief second because I’ll take anything at this point. A variation of the outfit Jules (from Sincerely Jules) is wearing above is what my uniform will be this weekend. Jeans, light sweaters, and ankle boots are the easiest pieces for spring exploring.

A few things from this week…

I still haven’t picked up Porter Magazine, but after reading this piece about Jenna Lyons on A Piece of Toast I may have to splurge!

These gorgeous earrings make me wish I liked wearing earrings because they are perfect for the summer

Finding pieces my style icons are wearing that I can actually afford is a treat and this article has some great finds

I have to try Amanda’s Boyfriend jean DIY, because let’s be real, finding the perfect pair of bf jeans is impossible. 

My obsession with all things pale blue is getting worse (and so is my love of Joie, which is especially bad since I really cannot afford anything on that site) after seeing this skirt and this blazer

Retail therapy reality… We are all guilty of this at some point

Gap’s pale pink ballet flats are high on my wish list for spring and they’re only $40!

I’ve been obsessing with everything and anything study abroad related, and even though I’m not going anywhere for over 6 months I’m already worried about packing. I’m horrible at packing for a weekend trip so packing for four months is going to go badly. This article has some incredible tips though!

I’ll make sure to take some pictures this weekend since I haven’t shared a look in a while now! Hope you all have a great weekend, especially if you enjoying spring break like many of my friends. 

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