Happy Friday!

{picture from my tumblr}

Happy weekend to everyone and happy vacation to me! One of the best things about living in new England is April vacation (and February vacation). Now that the weather is getting nice the last thing I want to be doing in sitting in a classroom staring at a board and hearing a teacher drone on. While I will have to go back to that in a week the break will definitely be nice (and is seriously needed). 

I am staying at home for most of the week but I’m hoping to plan a few fun things to do with friends over break. I’ll also be working a lot and studying for those looming AP exams… Not looking forward to those. However, next weekend I’ll be visiting New York for an accepted students day at NYU. I’ll only be in the city for two days but I’m hoping to get in some much needed shopping. It will be a short stint but knowing I’ll get to call my favorite city home in just a few months keeps me going. 

Have a great weekend!

~ Caroline

p.s. Today is my little sister’s 15th birthday! The fact that she is turning 15 is killing me. In my mind she is still seven years old screaming at me to wait for her. 
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