Happy Birthday to Peachy Keen!

Happy 1st Birthday to Peachy Keen!

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started writing my blog, and yet so much has changed since last August. At the end of last summer I was starting my final year in high school and needed a place to express my love for fashion when the rest of my life revolved around school, work, and college applications. Since then I have gotten into the college of my dreams and graduated from high school. My little blog has grown so much and writing and taking pictures for my posts has become one of my favorite parts of every day. 
In the next few months so many new things will be happening in my life and I hope that I will continue to share them with you all. In just a few days I’ll be packing up a whole lot of clothes, bedding, and other essentials into my parents’ car and driving down to New York. Starting college in such a huge city is going to be an adventure, and while it will be a challenge it is one that I am ready for. I will start featuring all my new experiences on my blog and instagram as soon as I get to the city!

I’m definitely ready to meet new people and start school, but I also know it will be a hard transition for my blog. I’ll be looking for someone new to take pictures of me (since right now my little sister takes them, which I love her so much for!), so there may be a lack of outfit posts in the next month. I cannot wait to share my new home and life with all of you and I hope you will keep reading Peachy Keen! Thank you to all of you for stopping by and supporting my dreams. 

~ Caroline

P.S. I finally made a Facebook page! I’d love if you stop by and like it!
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