Glitter Accent Nail

{polishes left to right: no chips ahead, chinchilly, sand tropez, mamba, tart deco, a cut above}

Do you have any Sunday rituals? In the last few years I’ve begun to do a few things on Sundays that help me start of my week right, like painting my nails and organizing my closet. I’ve found it relaxing and a perfect way to start my week. I never used to paint my nails on my own because I was horrible at it, but after a few months of practice I think I’m starting to get the hang of it. 

As I’ve started doing my nails more my nail polish collection has also grown. Essie has quickly became my favorite nail polish brand because two coats of Essie polishes always looks better than two coats of other brands. Over the winter my favorite colors were Sand Tropez and chinchilly, but for spring I’m starting to wear brighter colors. Sand Tropez is definitely my favorite nude/tan color I’ve found so far though!

This weekend I finally bought a glittery top coat for my nails after seeing so many variatons of a glittery accent nail (this is my favorite). However, instead of trying to put real glitter on my nails I bought Essie’s “a cut above” top coat that adds a glitter top to my coral nails.I love the way it came out and the glitter was so easy to put on! I ended up putting two coats of the glitter on so that my ring finger was super glittery, but you could just do one coat for a little shimmer. 

~ Caroline

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