Gingham Steal

Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! I can already feel the whole of New York fleeing the city for a relaxing holiday week somewhere in the suburbs, and I am SO ready to go with everyone. I’ve been like a little kid counting down the hours until I get on a bus home (only 31 hours left) since all I have left to do this week is go to a couple classes on Tuesday. 
Luckily, for once I had a pretty empty weekend (no projects or midterms this week woot woot), so I took advantage of the freedom and jumped on all the Christmas activities in New York. Whenever Thanksgiving break is over finals always start kicking my butt and I never have time to do all the Christmas things I want to do. So instead of forcing myself to wait until after Thanksgiving as I usually do, I just embraced my early holiday spirit and went for it. I bought delicious holiday treats at the Bryant Park Winter Village, marveled at the Palace Hotel tree, and even saw the Bergdorf holiday windows. If you’re a fashion lover and Christmas spirit obsessed like me, you need to see Scatter My Ashes At Bergdorf’s. It’s all about the making of their Christmas windows and it is amazing!
A quick note about my outfit – I’ve been living in this combo over cozy button down, booties, and ripped jeans. Plus, this button down is only $20 right now and it’s the perfect length and material! I’m honestly thinking about buying it in another color as well! The red plaid version is only $16, so it might just be happening 😉

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