Gift Guide: For the Girl Who Has Everything

Every year the holiday season comes around and I feel completely unprepared. It would be a lot easier to just order gifts online but I find so much more joy in actually going shopping to look for presents! 
However, there are always those people (often many of those people) who seem to have everything. What are you supposed to get your friend that has an enviable closet and the cutest accessories. 
Well this is where the thinking comes in. Depending on who you are buying gifts for interesting coffee table(ish) books can be great presents. The Sartorialist Closer is filled with gorgeous pictures that any fashionista can find inspiration in. I have yet to read Grace A Memoir but I have heard great things and who doesn’t love Grace Coddington. 
Even if you think your friend has everything they definitely don’t. That is always what I have to tell myself. They may have ten scarves they rotate through, but do they have an adorable J.Crew plaid scarf? Maybe they love jewelry, but do they have a tortoise shell watch (I need one!)?
Looking for a classic bag can also be a great gift. You can also find bags in any price range, which is always a plus. I have always wanted the Rebecca Minkoff M.A.C Clutch but if you are looking for a more affordable option for a friend (or yourself) this Steve Madden clutch is great! 
The holiday season is always stressful and I’m sure I will still be at the mall Christmas Eve with all the working dads looking for presents for their wives (like my dad will be). Thinking of ideas ahead of time always helps me, though!
~ Caroline
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