Getting Organized With Sunrise Calendar

I’ve written about my scheduling and organizational tips on her a few different times, but after finding Sunrise Calendar I had to share it with all of you (FYI this is not sponsored). I’ve always been a pen and paper kind of person with my planners and lists, but as this semester began I found that my planner was overflowing and organized and my lists were getting too long and jumbled. I was struggling keeping up with everything I had to do, and it was mostly because of my horrible organization. 
Then thanks to an amazing friend (who I owe my sanity to at this point) I discovered Sunrise. Sunrise Calendar pulls all your calendar information from Google Calendar, iCalendar, and Facebook (if you choose to connect them all), while also allowing you to create events right on the app. My biggest problems with online calendars is that they either have to be up in an browser tab, are poorly organized, or just completely confusing. Sunrise is none of those things and I am obsessed. All you have to do is go to the app store (either on your mac or on your iphone) and download it!

The weekly view is what I usually stick to and adding your events is incredibly easy. I started out by color coding a few things; grey = class, green = marketing society, and purple = admissions ambassadors. Plus, since I connected my Facebook all the events I join on Facebook also show up automatically. There is also a great space at the top of the calendar where I add specific to-dos for each day. While I don’t include everything I have to do in this space I do put down due dates for assignments, social media posts I have to do for clubs I’m apart of, and scheduled posts for Peachy Keen.

I really never thought I would leave the land of paper and pencil when it comes to planning out my schedule, but with this new tool I’ve become so much more organized and less forgetful when it comes to planning out when I’m free. Sunrise has the advantage of being both a mobile application and a desktop app and the set up and organization is better than I’ve ever seen on a online calendar. I love that I will always have my calendar/schedule with my on my iPhone, but at the same time I also have a larger look at everything when I pull out my computer.

If you try out Sunrise let me know what you think! And if you find any fun or new tricks on it definitely tell me about them. Hope you all have a great (and warm) weekend!

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