Get to Know: Victoria from Folio-V

One of the best parts of blogging so far has been connecting with other bloggers from around the country Victoria from Folio-V is one of those lovely bloggers! I’ve followed Folio-V for a while now and am in love with Victoria’s style. This girl seriously knows how to dress and has perfected making neutrals look bold. The way Victoria plays with textures and cuts is incredible and I wait for her posts!  

After talking to Victoria for a few months I thought I should ask her a few questions about herself and her blog! I hope you all enjoy!

How would you describe your style?
I’d like to think I have a sort of ‘city girl’ look. Urban, a little edgy, but very simple. I never like to have too much going on in my look. But what it really comes down to is wearing what I love!

What are you most looking forward to wearing this spring?
Dresses! I’m actually more of a pants person, but this year I’m trying to break outside of my style comfort zone. I’m obsessed with maxi dresses and over the past couple years have started quite the collection. But what I’m most looking forward to is being able to wear white! White dresses, white pants, white everything! I can’t wait to wear white linen pants.

What do you love most about blogging?
I live in suburbia, a land of conformity, and I think blogging has really helped me push my style out of that safe zone. I also love connecting with people who love what I love. Having this little project makes me really happy when I’m having a bad day at school. 

Who are your top two style icons?
Oh that’s a toughie – there are too many! I LOVE Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. I’m super inspired by their careers and their style! I also love Mary-Kate Steinmiller’s style. She’s the fashion market editor of Teen Vogue and she’s too fabulous for words

Definitely check out Victoria’s looks over on Folio-V if you haven’t already! 
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