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{all images via Amy’s blog, instagram, and twitter}
We’re finally back to my favorite feature on Peachy Keen! In the last couple years I’ve come across a few women who I’ve really begun to admire through blogs I read, articles I’ve found, and instagram accounts I follow. One of these women is Amy Stone, who works on the digital marketing/social media team at Gap (as well as Hallie Wilson, read my interview with her here). Not only does she have an incredible instagram account (I may or may not check it multiple times a day waiting for new picture), but she shares even more beautiful pictures on her personal blog. If you love pretty clothing and accessories, delicious food, or beautiful destinations Amy’s blog is for you. 
With a quick scroll through her pictures it’s easy to tell she loves the color blue, stripes, hydrangeas, and cute coffee shops. However, since I’m studying marketing I was dying to know a little bit more about her job and the behind the scenes parts of her blog and instagram. So of course in my emails with Amy I had to ask her a few questions about how she got to where she is today (fyi if I had to pick a dream job it would probably be hers). 
Does your day-to-day schedule work schedule change all the time or stay pretty consistent?
It depends on the week! My work schedule is generally consistent Monday-Friday. However, something fun couple pop up on my calendar such as a photoshoot or press preview. Coffee dates and meetings are peppered in on a routine basis. I’m lucky to work at a great company with stellar coworkers who share the same passions and interests as I do, so nothing ever feels like true “work”. 
Outside of going to school for marketing or advertising what are some things that a student can do to prepare themselves for a career in digital marketing?
I believe a combination of both relevant, dynamic internships and personal projects is the key to preparing for a career in social media. For instance, I began a blog (and the social media components to go along with it) back in 2008 while in college. Once I graduated I interned at various fashion publications, organizations, agencies, and designers. My photography and blogging knowledge that I had built on my own was highly valued when interviewing for these internships. Paired with the experience I gained at these (unpaid) roles, I eventually found my dream job – managing social media at a well-loved, well-known brand. 
What would your biggest piece of advice be for someone trying to build a brand through social media, whether for themselves or their business?
Number one — know your perspective and point of view along with who would want to attract as followers/readers. Creating these filters will make it effortless to create content. Number two — develop a strong brand voice and visual style. The digital marketplace is deeply saturated and repetitive, but doing something unique and building original content in an engaging way will stand out. I’ve used these guidelines to create my own personal brand. 
What is your favorite undiscovered spot in New York for those of us who have just moved to the city?
I love well-styled coffee spots and unique flower shops. A few week ago, I discovered Bluestone Lane Coffee has opened a West Village outpost — it’s picture perfect. I also love Happy Bones for their tortoise coffee spoons. For floral euphoria, SPINA, a beautiful curated floral studio, just opened in Greenwich Village. I try to make a habit of exploring new neighborhoods (solo or with a friend) and always jot down new places. 
Do you have a favorite summer piece from Gap right now?
Yes! I bought a few Gap pieces that I can’t get enough of. These tonal colorblock shorts in blue have been my weekday staple. Additionally, this oxford shift dress is in heavy rotation for brunches or casual cocktails. Another great piece is this white halter dress — a chic, reasonably priced alternative to the rag & bone dress I purchased earlier this season. 

If you’re like me you’re a little lot more in love with Amy after reading her answers. She definitely inspires me to work hard on improving my social media and branding skills. Oh, and she’s helped add a few spots to my NYC Must-Visit list. 
If you didn’t immediately click to Amy’s blog and instagram after seeing the pictures above make sure to check them out! Thanks so much to Amy for answering my questions!
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