Sneakers For The Girl Who Hates Sneakers

Somehow over the years, even as I’ve slowly started accepted some of what the athleisure trend (can we still call it a trend? or is it just a lifestyle now?) sneakers still haven’t really become part of my wardrobe. In theory I love the idea of comfy but cute shoes perfect for walking around the city in, but the reality is I’ve always felt a bit ridiculous when I throw on sneakers with a non-gym outfit. Am I the only one who feels that way?

All that being said, I’ve always been on the lookout for a pair of sneakers that felt like me. You know, sneakers that don’t actually feel like sneakers. Enter these leopard sneaker beauties. The moment I laid my eyes on them I knew they were made for the me, the girl who hates sneakers. Of course I had to take a couple step backs when I saw the price tag, but after a couple months of not being able to get them out of my head I finally took the splurge and brought them home with me.

Since then I’ve been majorly jumping on the sneaker bandwagon because I think I figured out what they key is for me. I look for sneakers that have a fun texture (calf hair, suede, or leather) or feminine colors like light pink. With the snow melting in NYC I’ve been pulling out my sneakers for basically every weekend activity and I’m so in love, so I thought I’d share a few more options for the girl who hates sneakers like me.

*shop the rest of my look below*

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