Favorite Purchases & Services of 2020

I know I know I’m a little late on my 2020 recaps, but remember we’re doing progress over perfection this year ☺️ My favorite purchases from this past year were kind of all over the place, but I mean how could they not be with how this year went. 2020 was clearly not the year of favorite jackets and shoes I wore on repeat, but I almost like it better that way!


I got my first pair of Vejas two weeks before Covid hit and for 6+ months I quite literally wore them on every single walk around my neighborhood. I have the Campo style and love that they’re a bit sleeker than the other popular style. They were well loved in 2020 and part of the reason they make the best purchase list is because they’re still in great shape for a lot more wear & tear in 2021!

Madewell Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are seriously so tricky! Length, fits, wash, rips. There is so much to consider and I probably tried  5+ pairs this spring until I found this incredible pair from Madewell. I loved them so much I actually kept both sizes I ordered to try (lol). I would wear my loser pair to the beach/pool and save the tighter pair for casual weekend days. (Sadly they’re currently not available, but I’ll add a link if I can find them!)

Pretty Plates & “Blates”

With so much cooking at home this year I finally splurged on some pretty dishware and it was well worth it! Every meal I make at home and serve on my new Marin dishware genuinely makes me so happy. Plus, if you don’t have a “blate” (bowl/plate) in your life you need one! I now prefer all my meals in (on?) a blate.

Plus, a tip here for any small apartment dwellers like me – invest in a dishware set that you know will be around for years to come! I only purchased a couple of each piece since I have minimal storage but know I will be able to expand my set later on!

Wide Brim Wool Hat

This wide brim hat has become so popular and for good reason – it’s amazing! If you haven’t figured it out already, I love a wide brim hat and this one is the perfect all season hat! I’ve had a couple favorite straw hats for years, but wanted a wool/felt one that I could wear outside  of summer and after purchasing this one in April it’s gotten so much use!

Shipt Delivery Service

Shipt was a late 2020 discovery but in the last month or so it’s become my favorite  thing! If you’ve never heard of Shipt, it’s a delivery service that partners with  grocery stores and  major  retailers for same day delivery. If you live in NYC the most notable retailers are Target and CVS Unlike Amazon Prime or grocery delivery services you can get anything from home décor to activewear delivered! The frames I hung last week I actually ordered and got same day from Shipt! Since I’ve tried to reduce going to the grocery store or doing any instore shopping I honestly place about two orders a week, so the yearly fee is SO worth it!

Loloi Rug

I jumped on a new rug for my bedroom in the fall and am obsessed with my purchase! I haven’t actually posted a ton of photos of my Loloi rug yet, but asa you can see from the above photo it’s absolutely beautiful. Plus, the best part is the price is incredible for the quality. I can’t remember exactly, but I paid less than $200 for my 8×10! Since buying this one I’ve become obsessed with the brand and don’t think I’ll look at any other rug brand until I’m ready to invest in a real vintage rug. You can find all Loloi rugs here, but definitely check out retailers like Amazon and Rugs Direct for good deals! This is my exact rug.

Summersalt One Piece

Until this year I’d never spent more than $30-40 on a swimsuit, but was truly #influenced by the Summersalt partnerships I kept seeing on Instagram. Well, after this one-piece, I am truly a “nice” swimsuit convert. It’s the perfect combo of sucking you in, supportive, and stylish. I was so excited about my swimsuit this summer I was literally showing my mom how the cups were sewn in because I’m so used to the Target bikinis where those stupid inserts always get folded. Who else understands me?

 Brooklinen Duvet

Ok I technically didn’t purchase my Brooklinen duvet (it was a birthday gift!), but it’s one of my favorite items from 2020! Before getting Brooklinen my duvets had all been cheap crappy ones and the difference is insane. Not only is the linen duvet it super soft, but the white stays ways brighter between washes than the cheap ones did.

Supergoop Glow Screen

Beauty items rarely become favorite purchases, but my Supergoop Glow Screen deserved a spot on this list. 2020 was a no makeup year and the glow screen brightens your face while providing important sun protection! It replaced my typical CC cream for most days this summer and I still reach for it on weekends paired with some under eye concealer when I know I”ll be outside a lot.

Hello Fresh

Last but not least is Hello Fresh because the meal kit service was truly a lifesaver this past year. I started using Hello Fresh as a way to avoid grocery stores at the start of Covid, but it quickly became one of my favorite weekly rituals and has resulted in a couple meals that not only I make on repeat, but that my boyfriend, my sister, and my parents make on repeat as well 😂. I took a bit of pause on my weekly delivery to focus on a healthy reset in January (some of the unhealthy options are just too tempting to say no too), but if you’re looking for something to make cooking fun again I highly recommend! This link gives you $40 off!

xx Caroline

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