Fall Weekend in Boston

Happy November everyone! As you might’ve been able to tell from my lack of costume & candy posts on Instagram I’m not exactly the biggest fan of Halloween, so I’m very ready to take down cobwebs and fake spiders and replace them with gourds and paper turkeys (or whatever it is that people use to decorate for Thanksgiving…). I’m seriously counting the days until it’s acceptable to binge on cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. In case you’re wondering, there are 22 days. 😜

While I was on my mini blog break (due to the new update!) I headed up to New England for a short Boston weekend to visit my sister! It was one of those quick in and out trips, but luckily my sister is always willing to follow along with my ridiculous schedule of things to fit in during a short trip. We seriously did not stop on Saturday, which may have been why I ended up getting sick on Saturday night. Unfortunately, this meant our Sunday plans for exploring Beacon Hill (my favorite spot in the fall – or really any time of year) were replaced with Netflix binging and ginger ale.

After booking my bus I was so happy to find out that my trip coincided with the Head of the Charles Regatta, a rowing competition that happens every year on the Charles River. I’ve always wanted to see the race, so we spent Saturday hopping between my must-visit cafes like Tatte for fuel and watching the boats! On Sunday, the only real plan we made it to was donuts at Blackbird and it was so worth it, even if I did feel like I was going to collapse on the walk home. I still can’t decide between the Chocolate Frosted or Cran Grabe Jam donut for my favorite, but I was definitely glad we picked up a half dozen to be able to test out all the flavors. Can you tell my trips back home basically revolve around food? And don’t worry I always get at least one trip to Dunkin Donuts in as well when I head to Massachusetts.

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