Fall in Nantucket

As we were sitting in Central Park this weekend a few friends and I came to the conclusion that we much prefer a cloudy fall day to a sunny one. There’s just something about the slight gloom that the clouds bring that makes it feel more like fall, ya know?
Cloudy gloom was definitely my experience in Nantucket a few weekends ago, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed to see firsthand why the Grey Lady got it’s nickname. I know it’s taken me forever to get photos from my short trip up on here, but it’s because I’m working on a comprehensive guide to ACK with the help of one my BFFs who is now officially a local to the island. Since I’ve only visited Nantucket a few times I always leave it to my friend to show me the best parts of the island!
One spot I can recommend 100% on my own is Sankaty Head Lighthouse, my favorite of the three lighthouses on the island. Whenever I’d visited the lighthouse before it had been on perfect summery days, but I have to say I think I liked it even more with the fog. While you can usually see out over the surrounding cliffs and golf course, on the day we headed up to the lighthouse it was like we were lost in a sea of white – pretty magical if I do say so myself.
Of course, every time I leave Nantucket I start planning for my next trip almost immediately, so maybe I’ll be seeing Sankaty Head Light next in the snow…?
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