End of Summer Bucket List

I can’t believe in just two weeks the summer will be over. Even though it stays warm until the end of September here in New York, there’s something about those few last weeks of August that makes me want to spend every possible minute outside exploring the city.
Every summer we begin to take the long afternoons outside in Central Park, the sunset drinks by the water, and even just the ease of gorgeous walks from the subway to work every morning. Too soon we’ll all be trudging through snow piles trying to navigate slush puddles. Instead of just concentrating on the looming winter (speaking of which, wasn’t Game of Thrones CRAZY last night?!) I decided to try and make the most of these last few weeks and check off as many items from my last minute bucket list as possible.
1) One Last Beach Day – I’ve only spent two days at the beach this summer, so I’m trying to rally friends together to get one last beach day on the calendar. If you’re stuck in the city heading out to the Rockaways or Long Beach is the perfect day trip.
2) Brooklyn Barge Afternoon – This weekend I headed out to Greenpoint with a friend, spent the night at Brooklyn Barge, and ended up having the best time! It’s a huge outdoor bar with games (think corn hole and giant jenga) and a gorgeous view of the NYC skyline. Before it closes for the winter I definitely want to go back for a Saturday afternoon!
3) Lunch in Bryant ParkBryant Park is the absolute best place for lunch during the work week. Throughout the summer they have events happening at lunch like ‘Broadway in Bryant Park’ on Thursday (which unfortunately ended earlier this summer), but everything ends with the start of September so I have to take advantage of it now!
4) Happy Hour at Grand BanksGrand Banks is probably the most instagrammable spot in the city during the summer. It’s a gorgeous old ship turned bougie oyster bar and it’s the perfect spot for a picturesque happy hour with friends. I’ve still never been and am dying to go before the end of the summer!
5) Heading out to Governors Island – When you can’t leave the city Governors Island is the perfect escape for a day! Last summer I took the 10 minute ferry over to the island multiple times, but haven’t been on out once this summer! I’m dying to spend a day riding bikes around the park and having a delicious lunch from the food trucks.
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