Dog Days in NYC

Hi Hello blogging world. I’ve been pretty absent as of late, but that’s because I have an amazing project launching at work this week – stay tuned on twitter to see more. Things are going to start to slow down a bit though, so expect to see a lot more of me across these parts. 
In the outside world (aka NYC) we’ve reached those dog days of summer that I dread every year. It feels like the heat is never going to end and every weekend most of the city flees for beaches and fresh air, leaving the rest of us to our AC window units and park picnics. With the ridiculous heat I’ve been living in this new dress I picked up from Loft a couple weeks back. It’s ridiculously soft and paired with a classic chambray and Supergas it’s the perfect bagels to errands to dinner look. So my advice if you’re going to go out and buy anything this week – make it a easy breezy dress to beat this summer heat. Even better, I’ve linked to a bunch of options (on sale!) below.

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