DIY: Magazine Collage Scrapbook

As my family and friends know, I’m a magazine addict. I subscribe to four magazines and usually end up buying at least one more every month. Flipping through the glossy pages of Harpers Bazaar or Elle is often my favorite thing to do and the best way to relax. 

Instead of getting rid of magazines once I’ve read them I end up keeping them all in my room. I love looking through old magazines and have some from as far back as 2007. However, since in just over a month I’ll be moving in to a tiny dorm room with pretty much no storage space I most definitely will not have room for all my magazines. While I like looking through Pinterest and Tumblr there is just something about holding the pages of a magazine. So over the last few weeks I set out to  create a scrapbook of some of my favorite pictures and articles from the magazines that have filled my room. I bought this scrapbook from JoAnn Fabrics and used a glue stick and scissors to make the collages. 

If you want to make your own collage scrapbook here are a few things I’ve learned. 
– Use plain text pages or simple ads for backgrounds.
– Be creative with you cutting. Sometimes with overlapping pictures in magazines you have to experiment the way you cut out a picture. 
– Group the pages/pictures you cut out into themes. Some of mine were bright colors/patterns, black and white, and “Wild West”. 
– If you have full articles you want to paste onto a page cut the edges in a fun shape and put a color background. 

Good luck creating your scrapbooks!

~ Caroline
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