Conquering Nail Art!

In the last year I’ve really started to like nail art. I used to think plain nails looked nicer, but now I can’t resist adding a little sparkle or pattern to my mani. Right know I’m loving navy and maroon colors for fall and either gold or white accents. One of my favorite trends is chevron and right now I have navy nails with a gold chevron strip on my ring fingers! 

You may think that fun nail art is impossible to do at home, but it is quite the opposite. I have a pretty unsteady hand and no extra money to get a manicure every week but I’ve been able to master a few different looks. Adding glitter is a simple way to add sparkle!

 If you want to add stripes or chevron try cutting a piece of scotch tape in the pattern you want. I often cut a v into a strip of tape and then place it on the finger I want to pain the chevron on. Then you have a template which you can just paint over! No need to be an artist. One thing I have learned though is to wait a long time (several hours) between painting your base color and sticking the tape on your finger. If you do it too soon the tape can pull all the polish off when you go to remove it. 

The whole process gets even easier after you do it a few times. So don’t be scared to try out new nail trends! 

~ Caroline
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