Coffee Break N.8: Life Lately

Happy Friday everyone! The last two weeks have been such a whirlwind that I’m ready to go into this weekend with my only plan being to clean my room.

I haven’t done one of my favorite ‘Coffee Break’ posts yet in 2018, so I thought I’d try out something a little different for the series by featuring a few of my favorite recent iPhone photos. Most of the imagery I usually share on here is from the 10% of my life when I choose to bring my camera along, so in an effort to be more in the moment I’ve been trying to snap more on my phone to share with you. This time of year I always find myself in a creative rut – the city looks gross, I’m sick of winter clothes while spring weather is still months away, and of course the post holiday slump gets us all – so I thought switching things up might just be the way to get out of it. I even posted my first non camera photo on Instagram for the first time in forever, which is kind of ridiculous but it made me remember that some of the more casual moments that just pop up are the best! The real question though – what do y’all think of the change? Do you like my more curated imagery or the casual iPhone shots?

And finally a few of my favorite things from the last couple weeks!

  1. A Quick Boston Trip – Last week I went to Boston for a few days on a work trip that ended up being a pretty great success. Outside of the work successes I found time to wander around Beacon Hill and stop in at everyone’s favorite Boston coffee shop, Tatte. If you’re ever in the city you must stop by one of their locations!
  2. Schitt’s Creek on Netflix – Y’all know I’m a Netflix addict and my new weeknight binge is Schitt’s Creek, a 20 min comedy type of show about a family that goes broke and ends up in a sh*tty town in the middle of nowhere. I don’t even usually like comedy (I know I’m weird), but I seriously can’t stop watching. Best part is there are 4 seasons on Netflix, so my next few weeks are covered…
  3. Finally a Full Length Mirror – I’ve been in my apartment for over 6 months and finally just got a full length mirror. My life has seriously gotten 10x better now that I don’t have to sneak into my roommate’s bedroom to use her mirror. My mirror is for sure the best deal out there for only $50! Plus, it means I’ve been taking way more selfies on IG Stories (see above) meaning lots of OOTDs!
  4. West Village Wandering – If anything is good for the soul it’s spending an afternoon brunching and getting lost in the West Village. Last weekend I did just that on both Saturday and Sunday. First with my friends from school and then with Kate and Isabella. I realized I could not remember the last time I’d spent an afternoon just enjoying the day without any agenda – so here’s to more of that this weekend!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! XX

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