Coffee Break N.9

Happy Hump Day friends! Oh yeah and also Happy Valentine’s day… anyone else have plans to drink a bottle of wine and binge a new tv show with your roomies for the holiday or is that just me? Only half kidding 😂

I did a lil poll on Instagram Stories this week to see what you all wanted to see from my weekly Coffee Break posts as I’m trying to make them more of a regular thing around here! It seemed like y’all were equally as excited about sale finds as you were about some of my favorite blog posts from around the internet – so I’ll be sharing both! If there’s anything else you’d like to see as part of the weekly Coffee Break please please let me know in in the comments!


For those of you who are also without plans tonight, what will you be doing? As I mentioned I’m definitely going to be spending a cozy evening at home but in order to make it seems a little more holiday-like I love some of these reads:

  • A list of the best Valentine’s Day movies – now I 100% need to re watch 500 Days of Summer!
  • Fight the pre spring blues and buy yourself some flowers (you do it the rest of the year right? so why shouldn’t you on Valentine’s Day). Read this to find out how to get last minute flowers delivered
  • Read this article if you need some hope that all your swiping right will actually get you somewhere
  • And finally, for a bit of a laugh why it’s ok if you’re single on V Day


Fave Sale: GAP 50% off Everything with PRESDEY


  • Chrissy’s home is actual goals and her review of the Ikea billy cabinets make me want to add them to every room of my home! Too cute right?!
  • It’s never too late to celebreate your amazing friends, so if you haven’t celebrated Galentine’s Day yet you have to see Kat’s Galentine’s Party setup
  • Podcasts make my subway commutes bearable, so I’m always on the hunt for new ones and I love Candace’s suggestions! Plus, her outfit gives me major moody spring inspo
  • If you remember, one of my 2018 focuses was hair health and Julia is legitimately the queen of healthy hair so I’ve been trying a few of her product suggestions and so my far my fave is this Kendi Oil that I add when my hair is still damp – seriously makes my hair feel so much softer
  • I’m all about getting in whatever workout you can in a busy schedule, but Grace’s post about her body transformation is really making me think more about what I’m doing at the gym to really make the most of it


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